F. Echenique Presentations.

  • "Statistical discrimination and affirmative action"
  • "Learnability of models of decisions under uncertainty"
  • "Fairness and efficiency for probabilistic allocations with endowments"
  • "Preference identification"
  • "A characterization of combinatorial demand"
  • "Multiple discount factors"
  • "Average choice"
  • "Testable Implications of Models of Intertemporal Choice:
    Exponential Discounting and Its Generalizations"
  • "Savage in the market" [video]
  • "How to control controlled school choice"
  • "General Revealed Preference Theory"
  • "Aggregate Matchings"
  • "Aggregate and extremal matchings"
  • "A Revealed Preference Approach to Computational Complexity in Economics"
  • "On Behavioral Complementarity and its Implications"
  • "You Won't Harm Me if You Fool Me"
  • "Matching with preferences over colleagues"
  • "What matchings can be stable."