How to submit

arXiv doesn't accept PDF files generated from Latex.

Here are detailed instructions on how to submit.

It's usually straightforward: put all the files you need in the same directory (the .tex file, the .bbl file, and any figures). Zip them and upload to arXiv.

If you use Overleaf, there's a "submit" button at the top right of your project page. One of the options is to submit to arXiv.

For complicated documents, bundledoc bundles together all the files needed to compile a document. (I've never had to use this.)

If you have many tables and figures on separate files and directories, you can try texdirflatten to put them all in the same directory (although arXiv's compiler understands dependencies that are relative to where the main tex file is).

If you're wondering about the choice of licence, I usually choose the basic "perpetual, nonexclusive, license." Of course I'm not providing legal advice: you should choose what fits your situation best.

Finally, there's a Youtube video explaining the submission process!