Recent officer meeting minutes

February 22, 2016


May 31, 2015


March 8, 2015

Amended Constitution as adopted at meeting.

June 24, 2014


June 2, 2014


May 31, 2014

New EXPLiCIT officers
Amended Constitution as adopted at meeting.

August 26, 2012


June 2, 2012

Amended Constitution as adopted at meeting.

May 22, 2011

Your new officers are:

President: Rebecca Lawler
Vice President: Alexander Mouschovias
Secretary: Ella Dodd
Treasurer: Matt Luby
Webmaster: Melanie Stefan
Outreach: Crystal Dilworth

We plan to switch from your current officers to your new officers before the end of this term. The ten of us will meet sometime in the next couple of weeks to officially hand over the titles and make sure that everyone is up to speed- then we'll invite all of you to join us so we can discuss EXPLiCIT's plans for the summer. If you're interested, please think about what show(s) you think we should produce and bring your ideas to the meeting. We'll let you know as soon as we pick a date and time.

Congratulations to our new officers and thanks to all of you for your patience and enthusiasm!
Ella Dodd
EXPLiCIT President (for a few more weeks, anyway)

In case you're curious about what exactly happened with the elections, here's the full story: As I mentioned in one of my previous emails, Caltech has strict requirements for the number and type of students holding office in a student group. In our case, we need four students, two of which must be undergrads. As of late Saturday afternoon when I would have sent out a final list of candidates, we had students running for only three of the six officer positions and no one had agreed to run for treasurer. At the meeting on Sunday, we had to completely overhaul the list of candidates for each position in order to ensure that every office was filled and all of Caltech's requirements met. Because of this, any candidate list I might have sent prior to the elections would have been inaccurate and the majority of any votes I might have received would be invalid (in most cases, votes for a non-student candidate would have been thrown out because two positions had already been filled by non-students).

Again, I apologize for not sending out a list of candidates, but as you can probably see, it would not have made a difference. In the end, there was only one eligible candidate running for each of the six officer positions so no votes were needed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns- we always try to do things as openly and fairly as possible, and we appreciate our members staying involved and holding us accountable.

Thursday, January 27

Present: Ella, Meg, Dave (left at 8:10), Rebecca, Pam (came at 8pm)

1. Three Musketeers- Brian needs a few women for small roles
Ask Brian about tickets, Send tacit-all announcement for roles, Dave will talk to Brian about program

2. PhD Comics- has the contract been signed, etc.
Contract- Caltech version- negotiating now, MHF funding- want to resubmit- rent more than buy (purchased equipment won't be used by students in the future)- 2 proposals, one to buy and one to rent

3. Forum- pick dates for musician rehearsals, where we are on getting the rights, pick a time for callbacks, pick a scene for one-act show during pfw, etc.
Rights- Cindy is working on it, We have a script! We can start auditions anytime now, For the musical we would like musicians that can play the following: Piano, 2 wind, 1-2 trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, 2 Violin, Cello, Bass (can be electric), Considering Space issues with the instruments, Emergency exit? Ask about blocking it maybe
Musician Rehearsal Tentative Schedule: April 9 (band only) 10-2, Saturday, TACIT house, April 23 (band + vocals) 10-2, Saturday, TACIT house, Sunday (with band) and Wednesday (final dress with band) May 1 and 4, Thursday 5th band optional, Band call 30 min before rehearsals
Shows 8, 2:30, 8, band ready to go an hour before show for warm-up and sound check, Sat night show only 30min before
Friday before- check sound? We really need 6 mics- check the 4 that we have already, rent the rest, Vocal rehearsals 10am on Saturdays, Sign up for 10min slots for auditions, get form ready, Email Kim about producing, Ask Jamie, Ashley, Christina, Isha, Kim if she wants to stage manage or something, Have Bill Bing email Pam, Need a music coordinator- producer or stage manager? Set up music stands, chairs, lights, etc., Choreographer?!
PFW- one-act show- everybody ought to have a maid, opening number (piano needed)
Dave, please find old audition forms

Thursday, January 13

Present: Ella, Meg, Garret, Dave, Rebecca (Miranda, Pam)

1. Webmaster stuff
We'll post minutes on our website eventually (explicit.caltech.edu)
And we'll update the website so you can find information on Forum instead of Comedie

2. Three Musketeers
Rehearsals have started! And Mark Lucas has agreed to be the rehearsal stage manager
Brian still needs someone to call the show (Ella has volunteered)
Brian has met with a costume designer, hopefully she will start next week
It's unclear whether or not Brian has a producer

3. PhD Comics
Jorge's lawyer is looking over the contract right now so it should be ready early next week
The contract has lots of restrictions (filming dates and places, insurance, etc.)
We might have to pay security guards while we're filming
We're not allowed to communicate until the contract is signed

4. Forum
Pam Tadross has agreed to be our music and vocal director and Miranda is directing
We'd like to get the show cast relatively soon (February 19-20, maybe a general audition on Saturday morning where everyone sings something, brings sheet music for what they're singing, and reads an excerpt from the script), but the dates aren't official and we're not sure when to have callbacks
If we cast the show early we'll expect everyone to be off book when rehearsals start
We'll have split rehearsals (some music only, some acting/choreography only)
We'd love it if everyone who did I Love You auditioned!
And we encourage everyone to bring a talent to your audition
We'd like to have musicians by the first week in April
June on violin! And a flute/clarinet, trumpet, second piano player, trombone, etc.
Ella will email Brian and Bill Bing to see if the Caltech jazz band wants to work with us
We definitely need mics for this show, we can borrow 4 from Brian
We'll try to get a few extra days in Ramo during tech week and the week before so we can get all the sound stuff figured out before final dress' (Ella will email Delores and Eric Wood)
We're trying to put together a production team- does anyone want to produce the show? Meg is interested in designing something (sets or costumes), if you're interested email the officers
Ella will work on getting the rights