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Astronomical sites: Princeton University Observatory, Princeton Pulsar Lab, IAS School of Natural Sciences. NASA image collections. The Astronomical Museum in Bologna. Complete Messier CCD gallery. Color AAT images. Electronic Universe at U Oregon: Messier gallery, digital spectral atlas of stars, interacting galaxy movies, etc.

Universities: Index of American Universities. Index of National Universities.

Color printing:Reproductions from electronic images or film Newell labs, including resale of HST/NASA/JPL/USGS images.

Other sites: ssh and scp for Windows, Linux Documentation Project, Redhat Linux, redhat hardware compatibility, redhat FAQs, linux certification, download redhat rpms, laptop synchronisation tools, S.u.S.E. Linux, printers and linux, Linux encyclopedia, linux freeware including ssh, GNU PGP encryption, Linux Daily News, Accelerated-X server, Linux on laptops page. Window Managers for X page, Alladin Ghostscript. CERT advisories, Open Mail Relay warning system. PGP encryption. The Exploratorium; especially the snackbook of simple science experiments. Show all formats of movies with xine. Links to Raytracing/3-D rendering programs and libraries of objects for them. POV raytracing site and UK POV mirror. K3DSurf, 3D surface generator in KDE. Truevision 3D modeler for GNOME. POV with equipotential surfaces; as of POV-ray 3.5, now part of POV: use `isosurface' object. `parametric' allows rendering a surface defined by 3 parametric functions. Visualise 3-D Geometric objects with Geomview. Visualise 3-D gridded data (with transparency) with VolPack. Symbolics Macsyma, and open source maxima, and GNU emacs Calc for numerical and symbolic calculation (manual. GNU compilers: gcc, egcs, f77, Interpreted, object-oriented high-level language Python home page. Graphical and Numerical Extensions to Unix: LASSPTools: convert user coords to MPEG movie, analog slider inputs, FFTs etc. Computer Graphics hotlist. Mathematics and Molecules educational visualization. The Geometry Center welcome page. Is Schrödinger's Cat Object-Oriented?, a physical introduction to C++. The juggling information service. The Language Directory , the LOGOS multilingual dictionary. Digital imaging news and camera reviews. More digital camera review sites: Digital Photography Review, and steves-digicams. Mail-order film develop/prints. Linux drivers for digital cameras. CDHK firmware add-on for Canons.

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