Everhart Lecture Series

California Institute of Technology

How To Apply



Applications for the 2016 Everhart Lecture Series are now being accepted! Application due date: 5PM, Dec. 4.





To nominate a student, complete an application form along with a brief, sealed letter of recommendation. Letters should comment on the nominee’s research and speaking skills, as well as state how long and in what capacity you have known the nominee. Feel free to nominate a graduate student regardless of whether they are presently completing an application. Self-nominations are also allowed.


Applicants must be registered Caltech graduate students at the beginning of the fall term during which they apply.



Requirements for the Application


NOTE: We prefer that you submit your application by email rather than campus mail if possible! We would also prefer that recommendation letters are emailed by the recommender; however, campus mail is fine if this is not possible or inconvenient.

Applications must include six copies (if using campus mail) of the following:


· A completed application form;

· A cover letter explaining why you should be selected as an Everhart Lecturer;

· An abstract of your proposed talk (400 words maximum);

· A list of your publications relevant to the talk (if any); and

· Two signed and sealed recommendation letters commenting on both your research and your speaking skills (only provide the originals; do not submit six copies). One must come from your advisor, while the other may be from a fellow graduate student, a postdoc, or other faculty member.


Applications for the 2015-2016 year are due by 5 PM on Dec 4.


Applications may be sent to:


Everhart Lecture Series

c/o Constantine Sideris

MC 136-93


Please email the ELS committee chair, Constantine Sideris, for inquiries and for submitting applications (remove NOSPAM before emailing.)





All enrolled graduate students who have been to admitted to candidacy may apply, including those not planning to graduate this year. Applicants must have been enrolled as a Caltech graduate student at the beginning of the term during which they apply.