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Ethan F. Williams

Ph.D. Candidate in Geophysics
Seismological Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
    358 South Mudd
    MS 252-21
    1200 E. California Blvd.
    Pasadena, CA 91125

I am a Ph.D. candidate in geophysics at the Caltech Seismo Lab, working with Zhongwen Zhan and Mark Simons. In my research, I use seismic and geodetic techniques to study the mechanical behavior of Earth's crust. My projects span from the basin scale (near-surface elastic heterogeneity, site amplification, hydrogeologic monitoring) to the plate scale (tectonics, structure, fault mechanics). Much of my work focuses on the earthquake and engineering seismology applications of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), an emergent technology that converts fiber optic cables into dense arrays of broadband strainmeters. I am also interested in marine geophysics, especially the physics of microseism generation.

(LEFT) PDF of noise spectra on one channel of Caltech's Pasadena DAS array over three weeks. (RIGHT) Earthquake spectra observed on the same channel, compared with the median noise spectrum and nearby broadband PASC.
Ocean surface gravity waves observed on an ocean-bottom DAS array in the North Sea represented in the f-k domain. Waves propagating landward across the array appear faster than waves travelling the opposite direction, suggesting that they are traveling in a mean flow (ocean current).