Shelley Diamond

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How I keep busy:
  • Work as a research biologist at Caltech
  • Chair of National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, Inc. (NOGLSTP)
  • Steering Committee and past co-chair of Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Scientists
  • Collecting and sorting my baseball and basketball cards
  • Exploring the mysteries of the Templars and Masonic movement
  • Cooking delicious meals and cookies for my friends and family
  • My Joys in Life:
  • My life-partner,Barbara Belmont, especially in her new sunglasses
  • Traveling by train
  • Channel surfing
  • Golfing
  • Clipping coupons and saving big$
  • Listening to Art Bell in the middle of the night
  • Foot rubs
  • Mrs. See's Dark Chocolate Almond Bars
  • De-Caf cappucino
  • Building fires in the fireplace and reading by them
  • Reading the obits every morning
  • Monitoring my successful investments
  • Playing poker and winning
  • Certain Irritations:
  • Phone solicitors
  • Weather hotter than 90 degrees
  • Cigarette and cigar smoke
  • "Busy" log-in attempts
  • Unreturned borrowed tools
  • Undelivered newspapers
  • Discovering too late that I've run out of toilet paper
  • Dogs poking their noses in my nether parts
  • Spiders, weevils, ants and other home infestations