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The Caltech Cyclocommuters is a site about current bicycle commuting info and by REGISTERING, you can partipate in the monthly random drawing for a gift certificate to a local bicycle store.

Pictures of the CIT Commuter Fair Day May 19th 2000

Caltech has a BIKESHOP!!!
In the courtyard between Dabney House & Blacker House, off California Ave. Look for brown door in the southwest corner with "bikeshop" written on it. The bikeshop has all the tools one needs to work on bicycles from adjustments to overhauls and is available with a $10 refundable key deposit to members of the Caltech community. Contact:Tobias at

Monthly Commuter Log (for Caltech Registered commuters only)

Winner of the Month

Caltech Cycling Club

Bike Links

Check this out... its right here in Pasadena!

For more information or to register contact the Volunteer Cyclocommuter Coordinator at

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