April, 2014

Caltech C
Table Tennis Tournament


Final results / Winners:

Men's A: Omer Subasi [Champion]; Xiaozhou Ruan [Second Place]; Yue Li [Third Place].
Men's B: Changlin Pang [Champion]; Andy Ingersoll [Second Place]; Alex Hsu [Third Place].
Women's Single: Ker Lee Yap [Champion]; Jamie [Second Place]; Yinglu Tang [Third Place].

Congratulations to them!

The table tennis tournament is coming this Saturday!!! Please come to enjoy the game or cheer for your office mates!

Here are some IMPORTANT information about the match:

1. Time and place:

4.19 Sat. 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

2. Division and schedule of matches.

Please find your own name on this google doc to see your game schedules.
In general yellow means Men's Division A, blue means Men's Division B. And Pink letters mean the women's division. Red boxes in Men's B are those who first enrolled in Men's A but later switched to Men's B. The timetable sheet gives your time schedule.

Schedule for the tournament:
(scroll down and click for the corresponding tab:
Men's Single (A), Men's Single (B), Women's Single, Timetable)

3. Game rules:

Men's A and B:
To keep the tournament on time, the first round for Division Men's A and B will be 11 points/set; 3 sets/game. Win by 2 points.
Since the second round (All the games after 2:30 pm) will be 11 points, 5 sets.

For Group 1 of 3 players, there will be round robin of 11 points & 3 sets. The winner of the most matches will be going to the next round. (With equal no. of matches, win by sets. Equal sets, win by points.)
For Group 2-4, this will be single elimination since 2:30 pm. Game will be 11 points and 5 sets.

For more specific game rules, please refer to this link. http://www.pongworld.com/more/rules.php#official

but the main ones to know are that:
1 - games are 11 points each switching serves every 2 points.
2 - during deuce serves rotate every point
3 - Matches are best of 5; (3 in the first round for Men's A and B)
4 - after each match players switch sides of the table (the only exception is during the 5th game once a player has gotten 5 points they switch sides of the table again.)
5 - the ball must be tossed up during the serves.
6 - again with serves if you miss the ball its the other player's point.

Fun games:

Fun games are open to anyone in the gym that day and winner will be awarded!