On Feb 8th, we celebrated 2014 spring festival together. CaltechC is our home away from home. We hope through last night's dinner and show, our committee/performers/volunteers has brought you a joyful, happy and vibrant greetingspecial to Caltech. I would like to thank you again for joining us; your participation made our event was a success!

晚会回放: https://www.youtube.com/user/caltechc
Gala videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/caltechc
News Press 侨报网的文稿报道: http://news.uschinapress.com/2014/0212/968852.shtml#g968853=1

February 8th, 2014

Buffet: 5:30pm - 7pm
@ Caltech Ramo Terrace
With RSVP: $5 with Caltech ID and $10 general public.
NO RSVP: $7 with Caltech ID and $12 general public.
Discount for all students with ID: $7.
Click here for RSVP Link

Live Show: 7pm - 9pm
@ Caltech Ramo Auditorium
Free admission





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The Chinese New Year is approaching! When you eagerly look forward to the Year of the Horse, do you feel a little bit of sadness and loneliness growing in you heart? All your families will reunite on the other side of your laptop screen; there will be no sound of firecrackers outside of your window; all 15 days of Chinese new year’s holiday will be spent quietly studying or researching as usual. It is NOT that you avoid celebrations BUT the foreign culture doesn’t understand your Chinese holiday fever.

If that is what’s in your mind about 2014 Chinese New Year in America, then YOUR ARE WRONG*! (*at least not at Caltech)

We know that there is something about “Nian” (Chinese new year’s eve) which is more than just a holiday. It is something that we cannot easily pass by, something about love and tradition. No matter where you are, without celebration you do not even feel it is already another year. Therefore, your CaltechC committee is handcrafting a warm winter feast: the CaltechC 2014 Spring Festival Gala! This event will make a proper farewell to the Year of the Snake and welcome the upcoming Year of the Horse. Just think carefully when was the last time you laughed like a child? Just think when was the last time you felt so enlightened that you cannot help but applaud? Just think when was the last time you were being yourself, playing fun games and smiling out loud? These are what you will find in our CaltechC 2014 Spring Festival Gala!

On February 8 at Caltech Ramo Auditorium, you will not only be an audience but also part of the show! We have prepared everything you can think of, and much more beyond your imagination. We will bring everyone a memorable start of the Year of the Horse, and this cannot happen without YOU. Please come and join us!

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