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Dumpling Making Party

年是我们每个中国人绕不过去的情结。今年的美国马年春节你不会孤单,CaltechC的committee们为留守在Caltech的儿童们准备了 CaltechC马年第一锅® 包饺子的聚会活动。本活动得到了Tom Manion叔叔大力支持的大锅,外加我们准备的饺子重要材料。请于正月初一集结North Rec,见证马年CaltechC第一锅水饺。每人包五个饺子做为入场费用,另外包最多的同学有惊喜礼物一份。为了防止最终成果里有畸形饺子乱入,同学们请先上网学学。当然我们也准备了小菜和冻饺子以防万一。

地点:Catalina North Rec Room


There is something about “Nian” (Chinese new year’s eve) that is more than just a holiday. This year, CaltechC will continue the good old tradition, and our committee have organized the Dumpling Making Party for those with a Chinese holiday fever. We will prepare key ingredients and you will control the taste, with the support of XL pots from our dear Tom Mannion. The event is free to all, but you must make at least 5 dumplings to enter, and we will have a surprise for the dumpling master (the one who makes the most eatable dumplings). Please join us on the first day of the Year of the Horse (Friday 01/31) for a fun/experimental/interactive evening. To prevent disastrous tastes, please go to youtube.com for some online tutorial. We will prepare frozen dumplings and side dishes as a backup.

Time: First day of the Year of the Horse (Friday 01/31), 5:30pm, start and tasting of side dishes
Location: Catalina North Rec Room