Caltech C Graduate Fellowship

    In the words of Caltech’s President, Thomas F. Rosenbaum, “There is a tight connection between our ability to recruit faculty and the quality of our graduate students. There’s a virtuous circle— attracting the best graduate students attracts the best faculty, and on and on.”
    CaltechC alumni have come together to establish an endowed graduate fellowship with a primary preference for under-funded disciplines, and a secondary preference for a first-year student of Chinese heritage. To ensure that the Caltech C Graduate Fellowship (approx. $50,000) is awarded to a student every year, we have a stretch goal of $750,000. Along with the Gordon and Betty Moore Graduate Fellowship Match, this would bring our fund total to over $1,000,000.
    As of April 2017, more than 77 alumni donors and spouses have pledged or donated $546,000.

    If you would like to make a donation, visit
    • Select “Choose specific designations”, close the pop-up box, and where it asks for “Other designation”, type in “Caltech C Graduate Fellowship”

    For information or questions, or to make a multi-year pledge, please contact:
    • Megan Denison: (626) 395-1529 or

  • Benefactor List in Alphabetical Order
  • Dr. Ming Cai MS'98EE/PHD'01EE
    Dr. Yu Cao MS'91PH/PHD'97PH and Ms. Yingyi Qiu
    Prof. Xiaomin Deng MS'85AM/PHD'90AM and Ms. Jingyan Zhou
    Dr. Edward Deng MS'92EE/PHD'96EE
    Dr. Charles C. Fan MS'96EE/PHD'01EE and Dr. Fang Michelle Wang MS'96SS/PHD'98SS
    Dr. Gary Y. Guo MS'87EE/PHD'92EE, Keck
    Dr. Jiangtao Hong MS'89PH/PHD'93PH
    Ms. Kun Huang MS'14EE
    Dr. Xianglei Huang MS'00PLSC/PHD'04PLSC
    Dr. Chao Ku MS'98MA/PHD'99MA and Dr. Yun Ye MS'97MS/PHD'01MS
    Mr. Zhao Li MS'13EE
    Mr. Jin Li BS'02AACM, Lloyd
    Mr. Zhaohong Li BS'91ENG, Ricketts
    Dr. Jiao Lin MS'01MS/PHD'04MS
    Dr. Wenshan Liu MS'94APH/PHD'98APH
    Dr. Xin Liu PHD'07CDS and Mr. Hualin Ye
    Dr. Lingyun Lu MS'86AE/PHD'92AE
    Dr. Jia Mao BS'02ENG, Dabney
    Dr. Xiaoze Ou MS'13EE/PHD'16EE
    Dr. Yi Pan PHD'06PH
    Ms. Hongyu Piao MS'93EE and Dr. Zhenhuan Liu MS'91ME/PHD'95ME
    Dr. Chunhua Qi PHD'01PLSC
    Dr. Shu Yan Qi PHD'98PH and Mrs. Song Wang MS'97PH
    Dr. Yong Qiao MS'90EE/PHD'94EE
    Dr. Wendong Qu MS'97ES/PHD'00ES and Ms. Yu Fu
    Dr. Yun Sun PHD'92CH
    Dr. Yongkui Sun PHD'90CH
    Dr. Xin Sun MS'93PH/PHD'97PH
    Mr. Tao Tan MS'93EE
    Dr. Ying Tan PHD'06GEPH
    Dr. Min Tao MS'02AM/PHD'06AM
    Dr. Xiaolin L. Tong MS'97APH/PHD'98APH and Ms. Min Zhang
    Mr. Cong Wang MS'14AE
    Dr. Luojia Wang PHD'97CE
    Dr. David Wei MS'04CS/PHD'07CS
    Dr. Jason Junshan Wen MS'85GECH
    Dr. Xinkai Wu MS'00PH/PHD'04PH and Ms. Lili Zhu
    Dr. Yu Xiao PHD'05ME
    Ms. Jiafang Xiao MS'04PLSC
    Dr. Kaiwen Xu BS'00ENG/BS'00PH, Ruddock
    Mr. Chenjian E. Xu BS'01ENG, Page and Ms. Wai Yin Cheung
    Dr. Fan Yang PHD'11CH and Dr. Yu Liu PHD'10CH
    Ms. Jie Yu MS'99CDS and Dr. Ying Li MS'96ME/PHD'00ME
    Dr. Zheng Zeng MS'91EE/PHD'94EE
    Mr. Yonghuang Zeng MS'94EE
    Dr. Yizhen Zhang MS'01ME/PHD'06ME
    Dr. Haiyun Zhang MS'92PH/PHD'97PH and Dr. Gang He MS'93PH/PHD'97PH
    Dr. Zhi Q. Zheng PHD'95CHE and Dr. Wen Jiang MS'91PH/PHD'95PH
    Dr. Xiaoguang Allan Zhong PHD'95AM and Dr. Li Jiang PHD'99BI
    Dr. Dongyan Zhou MS'92EE/PHD'96EE and Dr. Peng Lian MS'91SS/PHD'93SS
    Dr. Xiaoyun Zhu MS'95EE/PHD'00EE
    Dr. James J. Zhu MS'91BI/PHD'94BI and Dr. Ping Ye