Oral Presentation/Written Report



Oral presentations (5 min) will be given at the beginning of class.


The written report should consist of the following:


            One page:         Training


                                    Life Background


            One page:         What they did scientifically (in some detail)


The report should be typed.  However, equations may be hand written.


Useful resources:          http://www.nobel.se/

Gillispie, C.C., editor in chief.  Dictionary of Scientific Biography.  New York: Scribner.




Schedule of Presenters

updated April 6, 2004


Scientist                                                                                  Presenter                                Presentation Date



Robert Brown (Brownian motion)                                             Jon So                                      Mon, April 5

Albert Einstein, Smoluchowski (Diffusion, Brownian motion)      Mithun Diwakar                        Wed, April 7                           

Jean Baptiste Perrin (Colloids, Avogadro’s number)                  Smaranda Marinescu                Mon, April 12

Lord Raleigh (Light scattering)                                                  Richard Carson                        Mon, April 12

Fredrick Sanger, Walter Gilbert                                                Joy Rimchala                            Wed, April 14

            (Sequencing of peptides and nucleic acids)



Svante Arrhenius (Reaction rate theory)                                    Chris McClendon                     Fri, April 16

Manfred Eigen, Ronald Norrish, George Porter                         Maria Ho                                 Fri, April 16

            (Rapid reaction kinetics)

Michaelis, Menten (Hypothesis for enzymatic reactions)             Andrea Kung                            Mon, April 19                                     

Sid Altman, Tom Cech (RNA enzymes)                                    Jason Lee                                 Mon, May 24



Richard Ernst                                                                            Yan Qi                                     Mon, April 19



Peter Debye (Dipole moments)                                                 Lucie Lee                                 Mon, May 3

Chandrasekhara Raman (Raman effect)                                     Kulsoom Hasan                        Wed, May 5

Y. K. Zavoysky (ESR-1944)                                                    Beth Dorman                            Mon, May 10



Sir William H. Bragg, Sir William L. Bragg                                Candace Seu                            Wed, May 12

Francis Crick (Helical transforms/Fiber diffraction)                    Sandy Ottensmann                    Fri, May 14

Dorothy Hodgkin (X-ray crystallography)                                 Vi Tran                                     Mon, May 17

Max Perutz, John Kendrew (Structure of proteins)                    Xiao Peng                                Wed, May 19

Max Von Laue (X-ray diffraction)                                             Gwen Ong                                Wed, May 26

William Lipscomb (X-ray crystallography)                                 David Powers                           Fri, May 28

Linus Pauling                                                                            Evan Rushton                           Wed, June 2