The Caltech Flow Cytometry Facility is equipped with two research grade flow cytometer/cell sorters capable of sorting 3000 - 10000 events/second based on multiparameter analysis of the cells characteristics (size, density, and fluorescence intensities of multiple colors). In addition, one non-sorting analyzer (FACSCalibur) and a work station are available to researchers for self-service analysis provided that they demonstrate competence to use the analyzer and have taken training provided by the facility.

A completed Biosafety Form must be submitted prior to operator-run appointments or self-service experiments.

BD Biosciences FACSAria IIu Cell Sorter

BD Biosciences FACSAriaFusion Cell Sorter

Sony SY3200 Cell Sorter

FACSCalibur four color analyzer

Miltenyi Biotech MACSQuant VYB Flow Cytometer

Beckman Coulter Cytoflex Flow Cytometer