Claire E. Bucholz







Ge 123: Continental Crust Seminar. 6 units (2-0-4); Spring Term. A seminar course focusing on a topic related to the continental crust which will be decided depending on the interest of participating students. Potential seminar focuses could be the origin and evolution of the continental crust, the role of arc magmatism and/or accretionary orogens in forming the continental crust, or the Archean-Proterozoic transition as preserved in the igneous and metamorphic rock record. The course will comprise weekly student-led discussions of peer-reviewed literature.

Ge120a (Introduction to Field Geology) 9 units (3-6-0); Spring Term. A comprehensive introduction to methods of geological field mapping in preparation for summer field camp. Laboratory exercises introduce geometrical and graphical techniques in the production and analysis of geologic maps. Field trips introduce methods of geological mapping.

Ge120b (Summer Field Camp) 15 units (0-15-0): Summer. Intensive three-week field course in a well-exposed area of the western United States covering techniques of geologic field observation, documentation, and analysis.

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