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My research publications include more than 50 articles in professional journals, coauthored or edited two books, and written one book (Behavioral Game Theory). I also serve on the editorial boards of several major journals in both psychology and economics, including the Quarterly Journal of Economics and Econometrica. In 1999, I became the first behavioral economist elected as a Fellow of the Econometric Society.

From 2001-03 I was President of the Economic Science Association, an international association of scientists who study economic behavior experimentally. Along with several eminent colleagues in experimental and behavioral economics, I spoke at the Nobel Symposium on these topics in December, 2001. A year later, the Nobel Prize was awarded to Vernon Smith, who pioneered the development of experimental economics (along with my colleague, Charlie Plott and others), and to Danny Kahneman, whose work with the late Amos Tversky is one of the main reason economists began to take psychology seriously. Their Prize lectures can be seen here. The Nobel Prize in economics is a lifetime achievement award, typically given many years after the seminal work was done (unlike in chemistry, physics, medicine, and peace). The lectures of these two pros reflect a lifetime of wisdom and are well worth hearing.

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