Daily Prayers

We have a room available for members to pray in. We try to have Friday prayers on campus almost every week. When we are unable to do so, members try to provide rides to Masjid Al-Taqwa to those who need them. The details are worked out each week through the mailing list. (See "Contact" Page)

Friday Prayers (Salatul Jumu'ah)

We usually hold the Friday Prayer on campus, though we like to go to Masjid Al-Taqwa at least once per month in order to stay in touch with the greater community. A weekly email is sent out regarding whether Salatul Jumu'ah will in fact be held on campus that week. This info will also be on the MSA homepage.

Social Activities

Being a small MSA, we arrange social activities through the mailing list so that we can fix a date and an activity through consensus. (See "Contact" Page)