HNA Spectrograph Stuff

The HNA spectrograph is a long-slit near-infrared spectrograph for the Palomar 200-inch telescope which, unfortunately, Has No Acronym. The HNA spectrograph was built by James Larkin and Rob Knop as part of their PhD thesis work at at Caltech.

Because I put a manual together for the PIFS, it made sense to make the appropriate modifications to form a manual for the very similar HNA. This page's primary purpose is to provide access to said manual.

HNA Observer's Aids

HNA Manual in g-zipped PostScript format (112 pages, 2.0MB unpacked).

HNA Log Sheet, PostScript

G-star analog computer, consisting of G-star plot and airmass overlay. Also available is a split version of the G-star plot, plus instructions on the use of these materials.

PostScript Plot of the calibration lamp lines (Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon) taken with the HNA spectrograph at a resolution of approximately 1000 for the J, H, and K atmospheric bands. A more complete text listing of the lamp lines is also available.