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James Boyk's audio consulting

I consult with equipment manufacturers, record companies and on special individual projects.

For manufacturers, I carry out listening tests under contract, either privately or in the Caltech Music Lab Auditioning Facility; work with client's engineering staff to solve problems uncovered by the tests; work with marketing staff to plan new products; and consult on in-house listening-test facilities.
      I bring to this work 26 years' experience in audio as producer/engineer, writer and consultant; and 25 years as director of Caltech‘s music lab. Retainer contracts are preferable, but hourly work is possible if appropriate to the job. See contact info below.

For recording companies, I consult on recording equipment and techniques.
      Sheffield Lab: I recommended the monitor speakers taken to recording sessions in Russia. When Sheffield president Doug Sax returned and listened to the master tapes on his huge monitors, he gave the ultimate compliment: "I didn't get any surprises." Sheffield's "Passions" CD, of music for two classical guitars, used my personal microphone preamps (designed by Peter Sutheim, modified by me); Stereophile called the album "a reference standard."
      The Mastering Lab: For TML's new mastering consoles, Doug Sax auditioned & adopted interconnect wire I recommended.
      Harmonia Mundi USA: I designed a monitor system for HM producer Robina Young and president René Goiffon.
      And the stereo miking demo CD I produced is internationally recognized as authoritative. Half an hour with it will teach more than many engineers know about stereo miking. (Jan. 2001: Unfortunately it is now out of print.)
      See contact info below.

James Boyk and Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab
James Boyk and Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab, Jan., 2001

For over 20 years, I designed playback systems for music lovers using commercially-available components, first conducting an interview using a proprietary questionnaire, then choosing an excellent-sounding, properly-matched system to fit the client's tastes, needs, budget & room. This service was called Sound DecisionSM Consulting. I no longer do this work--there was simply no way to charge adequately for the time required--but I am still available for extraordinary special projects.

To contact me, email boyk@caltech.edu, telephone: +626 395-4590, or mail to 0-51 Caltech, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA.