Blake Farrow
Applied Physics and Materials Science
California Institute of Technology

Blake, thoughtful in Japan.
I'm a graduate student in the Applied Physics and Materials Science department at Caltech and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow.  I am currently conducting research on macromolecular biophysics and the development of artificial antibody and protein mimics with James Heath (Heath Lab) in the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering division.  I'm a graduate of the Nanotechnology Engineering program at the University of Waterloo in Canada, and am very much enjoying the change of scenery and weather. 

In the past I've been an avid traveler, having spent time living and working abroad in China and Europe, most recently on an internship with Mitsubishi Chemical Research in Tokyo, Japan. I chronicled my experience as an expat living in Tokyo in my blog Coffee Nanoparticles, which I still update from time to time.

I enjoyed being a barista at Starbucks during college, and I still reserve the right to pull out some coffee or tea snobbery at my discretion. I'm also interested in the proliferation and teaching of science, and enjoy taking part in science fairs, making fun scientific videos and tutoring math, science, and enrichment.

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