The BIF has moved to a new Calendar Program from Idea Elan.

All Caltech users with a Caltech Access account should login using their Caltech credentials at the following link:

The BIF welcomes outside users. If you want to use the BIF and you do not have a Caltech Access account you can create a new account and login using the following link:

For more information on using the Idea Elan software you can download a user guide here. For help with the Calendar software you can email Support at or call 800-506-5905. The software also has a chat feature available at the bottom right hand side of the screen in a green tab.

With the new software we now have restrictions for how many hours you can sign up for certain microscopes and Workstations running Imaris and Huygens. Also you cannot cancel a reservation once it starts. You may want to sign up for multiple shorter time slots so you can cancel later ones if you finish early. You will be charged for at least one hour if you don't cancel your reservation before it starts so plan accordingly. Current restrictions on the 710, 800, 880 and Puget Imaris Workstation are as follows: 6 hours maximum per day and 30 hours maximum per week. You also cannot sign up more than two weeks in advance. Right now these restrictions apply for the whole week and after hours. Please give us feedback on how you might want these limits modified. Talk to Steven or Andres if you need more time.