Bi252   Responsible Conduct of Research

Spring Term 2013  100 Broad Building  (Rock Auditorium).  Mondays 2-4   

Date Discussion leader Topic Reading
April 1 Paul Patterson
Authorship and Peer Review Chapters 4,8
April 8 Paul Sternberg
Mentoring Chapter 3
April 15 Elliot Meyerowitz
Scientific Misconduct Chapters 1,2
April 22 Peter Dervan
Conflicts of Interest Chapter 7
April 29 Hannah Dvorak-Carbone
Intellectual Property Chapter 9
May 6 Janet Baer Animal Subjects
Chapter 6
May 13 Barbara Wold
Human Genomes Chapter 10
May 20 Grace Fisher-Adams
Human Subjects Chapter 5
May 27
Caltech Holiday
read chapter 11
Chapter 11

Any classes that you miss must be made up next year!

Required textbook:
Francis L. Macrina, Scientific Integrity: An Introductory Text with Cases,
3rd ed., ASM Press, Washington DC, 2005.  ISBN 1-55581- 318-5
100 Broad Building  (Rock Auditorium).  Monday 2-4. 


1) Class is only offered Pass/Fail


2) All students registered for the class must sign a sign-up sheet at each lecture as a record of attendance.  Any missed classes must be made up the following year.


3) The class requirement is to write a skit representing a scenario that will lead to discussion of one of the topics, and to email it to the TA.  Teams are encouraged to get together to write the skit, there should be one character in the skit per team member.  Skits will be performed in class, the authors will be the actors.

Teaching assistant: Eric Erkenbrack
Grading:  Pass-Fail
Organized by Elliot Meyerowitz
Paul Sternberg

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