Bi190 Advanced Genetics

Spring 2013 Caltech

Monday & Wednesday, 1100 - 1155 am,  101 Kerckhoff Building

Professor Paul Sternberg

•Selected readings will be assigned.

Optional Textbooks. 
    Advanced Genetic Analsyis.    Meneely Oxford 2009
    Advanced Genetic Analysis.  Hawley and Walker    Blackwell 2003


•Four problem sets will be assigned.

Each problem set will be handed out about a week prior to its due date.

Due 5 pm on April 19, May 3, May 17, and June 4.

Each problem set will count for 25% of the grade.  Each later problem set will integrate material from all previous lectures.

Problem sets should be handed in to by 5 pm on the day due

In a tub outside Kerckhoff 214

•••••••••••••••• GRADING POLICIES••••••••••••••••

•Problem sets that are less than 24 hours late will lose 50% of the grade; those more than 24 hours late will receive no credit.  As in any course at CIT, serious illness reported with a valid notice from the Health Center will be accepted as a reason for problem sets to be handed in slightly late without penalty.

•The policy on collaboration is as follows:  students may discuss problems with each other, but must write the answers individually.

•The conversion of points to a letter grade is approximately >90 points = A; 81-90 points = B; 71-80 points = C; 65-70 points = D; <65 points =F.  We may also choose to combine letter grades with a '+' or '-" at our discretion.

Paul Sternberg

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