Bi 180 — Methods in Molecular Genetics







Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum:

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Course Information

The aim of Bi180 is two-fold: to acquaint the student with the standard techniques used in molecular biology and to foster basic research skills by allowing each student to carry out an original research project. We will begin by reviewing a number of current microbial and molecular genetic procedures and then apply those procedures to a research project of general interest.



Bi 180 is a 9-unit course consisting of 6 hr of lab, 2 hr of lecture, and 1 hr of homework. It meets two afternoons a week. For the first five weeks, the schedule will be TuTh at 1:00 PM in 101K for an hour of discussion, followed by 3 hr of lab in 317K. The last five weeks will be spent entirely, 1:00 - 5:00 PM, in 317K.




Elizabeth Bertani, 71 Church (x4917)

Teaching Assistants:

       Katherine Fisher


       Gilberto DeSalvo