Bi/CNS 150: Introduction to Neuroscience

Ralph Adolphs and Henry Lester
Fall 2015

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Office Hours

Office hours are held on weeks that assignments are due. For office hours on other weeks, please confirm with the TA in advance.

Name Email Office Hours
Prof. Ralph Adolphs Broad Cafe, Sunday 4-5pm, or by appointment
Prof. Henry Lester Red Door Cafe, Monday and Friday, 1:15-2pm
Jaron Colas SF Library 229, Monday 4-5pm
Mason McGill Red Door Cafe, Monday 2-3pm
Cynthia Chai Broad Cafe, Monday 1-2pm
Jonathan Liu Morgan Library (2nd floor of Kerckhoff), Monday 3-4pm


Ralph Adolphs

Ralph's profile can be found here.

Henry Lester

Henry's profile can be found here.


Jaron Colas (Head TA)

I am a fifth-year graduate student in the Computation and Neural Systems program working with John O’Doherty’s lab. My research applies neuroimaging and computational modeling to investigate evaluation, learning, and decision making. I received my BS in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT.

Mason McGill (Webmaster)

I'm a third-year CNS student developing neuromorphic event-driven vision systems with Pietro Perona in the Computational Vision Lab. I received an ScB in Cognitive Neuroscience and Computer Science from Brown University. Please let me know if the website breaks :)

Cynthia Chai

I am a second-year Neurobiology graduate student and I work in Paul Sternberg’s group. Before arriving at Caltech, I completed my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavior at Mount Holyoke College. In the Sternberg lab, I’m interested in integrating genetic, molecular, and computational tools to dissect the neural mechanisms underlying decision-making during foraging behaviors in the nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans.

Jonathan Liu

I'm starting my third year as a biology graduate student, working in Paul Sternberg's lab on C. elegans. My origins are in molecular genetics, but I have a wide array of interests and have recently working on biological rhythm generation and electrophysiology. I have a BS/MS from Johns Hopkins University, and am a decent cook and an exceptional air-guitarist. I can be found in Kerckhoff 218 if you feel like dropping in for questions.