Bi/CNS 150: Introduction to Neuroscience

Ralph Adolphs and Henry Lester
Fall 2015

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Problem Sets & Exams

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AssignmentDue Date Mean ScoreAnswer Key
Problem Set 0 N/AN/A
Problem Set 1 10/132.84
Problem Set 2 10/202.84
Problem Set 3 10/272.75
Midterm 11/324.97
Problem Set 4 11/173.73
Problem Set 5 11/242.91
Problem Set 6 12/12.72
Final 12/1122.29

Please turn in problem sets to box outside of Baxter 331 by 4:30 PM on due date. (The room is at the south end of the corridor on the third floor.)

Late problem set policy: We take our instructions from the dean. In the absence of instructions from the dean, credit C(n) at day n past the due date = C(0)(1 - n/10), for 1 ≤ n ≤ 10.

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