Ben Gillen

Assistant Professor in Economics
Caltech Division of Humanities and Social Sciences  
office:  Baxter Hall, 312
phone:  626-395-4061

Humanities & Social Sciences
California Institute of Technology
MC 228-77
1200 E California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91125 USA
Below are some of my working papers, any comments and suggestions are always greatly appreciated and can be directed to:

Working Papers

Experimenting with Measurement Error: Techniques with Applications to the Caltech Cohort Study
(with Erik Snowberg and Leeat Yariv)
Revision Requested at Journal of Political Economy: June 2017 (First Draft Sept 2015)

Subset Optimization for Asset Allocation
Under Review: June 2016

BLP-Lasso for Aggregate Discrete-Choice Models Applied to Elections with Rich Demographic Covariates
(with Sergio Montero, Hyungsik Roger Moon, and Matthew Shum)
Revision Requested at Quantitative Economics: October 2015

The Power of Revealed Preference Tests: Ex-Post Evaluation of Experimental Design
(with James Andreoni and William T. Harbaugh)
Under Revision: April 2013

Identification and Estimation of Level-k Auctions
Under Revision: August 2010

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Two Information Aggregation Mechanisms for Predicting the Opening Weekend Box Office Revenues of Films: Boxoffice Prophecy and Guess of Guesses
(with David Court, Jordi McKenzie and Charles Plott)
Forthcoming: Economic Theory January 2017

A Parimutuel-like Mechanism for Information Aggregation: A Field Test Inside Intel
(with Charles Plott and Matthew Shum)
Forthcoming: Journal of Political Economy February 2016

A Note on Endogenous Norms in "A Theory of Conformity"
Economics Letters, April 2015, 129, pp. 57 - 61

Demand Estimation with High-Dimensional Product Characteristics
(with Hyungsik Roger Moon and Matthew Shum)
Advances in Econometrics: Bayesian Model Comparison, edited by Ivan Jeliazkov and Dale J. Poirier, 2014, vol. 34, pp. 301 - 323.

Bayesian Minimization of Stein Loss in Covariance Matrix Estimation
Journal of Empirical Finance, December 2014, 29, pp. 402 - 420
Appendix Workbook with Detailed Simulation Results (8 MB, .xlsx)
Matlab Code for Estimator

The Cross-section of Conditional Mutual Fund Performance in European Stock Markets
Supplemental Web Appendix Tables
(with Ayelen Banegas, Allan Timmermann, and Russ Wermers)
Journal of Financial Economics, June 2013, 108(3), pp. 699 - 726

"A Taxonomy of Utility Functions" (with Harry M. Markowitz) in Variations in Economic Analysis: Essays in Honor of Eli Schwartz. Edited by J. Richard Aronson, Harriet L. Parmet, and Robert Thornton. Springer, 2010.

Current Works in Process

- Underbidding and Experience in USFS Timber Auctions
- Naive Diversification and Asset Allocation under Correlational Ambiguity
- Identifying Persistent and Transient Behavioral Characteristics

Current Topics of Research

- Inference in Sparse Econometric Models
- Post-Model Selection Hypothesis Testing
- Testing Models of Information Aggregation
- Econometrics of Experiments