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Number Theory Seminars
2009 - 2010



The seminar usually meets Thursdays, 4:00-5:00 pm in 257 Sloan. Everyone is welcome.



Fall Term 2009

October  1



October  8

Hershy Kisilevsky (Concordia University)

Critical values of (higher) derivatives of twisted elliptic L-functions

October 15



October 22



October 29



November 5

Annette Werner (Universitaet Frankfurt)

Vector bundles on p-adic curves and parallel transport

November 12

Rami Aizenbud (Tel Aviv University)

Gelfand pairs and invariant distributions

November 19

Aravind Asok (USC)

Equivariant vector bundles on some spherical varieties

Monday November 30 3:00pm Room 153

Erez Lapid (Hebrew University)

Distinction by the unitary group - global and local aspects

December 10

Sug Woo Shin (University of Chicago)

Plancherel density theorem for automorphic representations

Winter Term 2010

January 7


January 14



Tuesday January 19 11am

David Whitehouse (MIT)

Exact averages of central values of triple product L-functions

January 21

Phillippe Michel (EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland)

The ergodic method of Linnik

January 28



February 4


February 11

February 18


February 25

Florian Herzig (Northwestern University)

The classification of irreducible mod p representations of a p-adic GL_n

March 4

Kartik Prasanna (University of Michigan)

Algebraic cycles and p-adic L-functions

March 5, Friday at 4pm Sloan 159

Prof Don Zagier (MPI, Bonn)

Taylor expansions of modular forms and an unusual U(3,1) automorphic form

Spring Term 2010

April 1

Jeff Hoffstein (Brown University)

Multiple Dirichlet series and shifted convolutions

April 8



Friday April 9, 3-4pm in Sloan 159

Jim Borger (ANU)

Witt vectors, lambda-rings, and absolute algebraic geometry

April 15



April 22

David Geraghty (Harvard University)

Potential automorphy for compatible systems of l-adic Galois representations

April 29



May 6



May 13

Matt Emerton (Northwestern)

Local-global compatibility in the p-adic Langlands program for GL_2 and modularity theorems

May 15 at Sloan 151

Southern California Number Theory Day

May 20

Jennifer Johnson Leung (University of Idaho)

Siegel modular forms of degree two attached to Hilbert modular forms

May 27

Abhishek Saha (ETH Zurich) 

Siegel modular forms of genus two and L-functions attached to them

June 3


June 10


June 17

Prof. Y. Varshavsky (Hebrew University)

Towards a global Langlands correspondence over function fields


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