Julius C. Barsi, PhD

barsi@caltech.edu or julius.barsi@protonmail.ch

Research publications in systems developmental biology

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Developmental Biology

cis-Regulatory control of the initial neurogenic pattern of onecut gene expression in the sea urchin embryo.

Barsi JC*, Davidson EH.



Genome-wide assessment of differential effector gene use in embryogenesis.

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Barsi JC*, Tu Q, Calestani C, Davidson EH.


Geometric control of ciliated band regulatory states in the sea urchin embryo.

Barsi JC, Li E, Davidson EH.


Genome Research

General approach for in vivo recovery of cell type-specific effector gene sets.

Barsi JC*, Tu Q, Davidson EH.



Targeted disruption of Mib2 causes exencephaly with variable penetrance.

Wu JI, Rajendra R, Barsi JC, Durfee L, Benito E, Gao G, Kuruvilla M, Hrdlickova R, Liss AS, Artzt K.


The University of Texas at Austin Dissertation Repository

A core signaling component of the Notch network + a molecular interaction database accessible through an online VLSIC-like interface.

Barsi JC*.


Mechanisms of Development

Mind bomb1 is a ubiquitin ligase essential for mouse embryonic development and Notch signaling.

Barsi JC, Rajendra R, Wu JI, Artzt K.