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The book features:
* Nearly 200 snowflake photographs – some of the best snowflake photographs ever taken!
* Numerous full-page high-resolution images that reveal the minute details of snow crystal design and structure.
* A richly illustrated “field guide to falling snow” that describes the different kinds of snowflakes.
* A brief history of snowflake observations and study.
* A close look at what snowflakes are, how they form, and why they look like they do.

The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty
written by Kenneth Libbrecht
photography by Patricia Rasmussen
published by Voyageur Press, October 2003
112 pages, 8.5x10 inches, hardcover

What's Inside - some sample pages:
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"The physics of snow crystals is fascinating, and so, to, is Libbrecht's history of the science of snowflakes ... And there there are Rasmussen's exquisite photographs of these most evanescent of gems."  -- Booklist

"... a well-written and well illustrated book that will appeal to a wide audience, from artist to scientist, nature lover to techno-geek.  I give this book my highest recommendation."  -- Keith Heidorn, The Weather Doctor

"Along with Rasmussen's photographs, Libbrecht offers a rich and readable synthesis of the physics, mathematics and chemistry that go into making a snow crystal.  You'll be sharing some of his gems at the dinner table."  -- Star Tribune

"The great thing about reading books is that sometimes you stumble across what can only be described as an unexpected treasure.  The Snowflake certainly fits that description."  -- Oakland Press

"These color images are stunning examples of the diversity of the crystals.  Libbrecht's text is an interesting introduction to complex structures in general and into the mysteries of how snowflakes are made."  -- Science News

"With a combination of scientific and poetic ruminations, the author provides an artful blend of appreciation and examination."  -- Foreword Magazine

"Along with the magic comes plenty of science.  Once I picked up the book, I could not put it down until I read it cover to cover.  As I was reading, I felt that lesson plans were practically jumping from the pages.  What better way to learn science and apply it to real life!"  --  National Science Teachers Association Recommends

"Half encyclopedia, half picture boo, Snowflake appeals to the kid and photographer in you.  Writer Kenneth Libbrecht gives an authorative (sic) account of wonders and little-known facts about snowflakes."  --  Popular Photography

"Behold the majesty of snowflakes in the gorgeous new book ... up-close and personal photos ..."  -- Northshire Bookstore Online

benfranklin2004.gif (9789 bytes)Winner, Benjamin Franklin Book Award, 2004
MedalWin.jpg (9258 bytes)Winner, National Outdoor Book Award, 2004

flacons.gif (11180 bytes) Also available in a French-language version, from Les Editions de L'Homme.

Coming soon in Korean....

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