Armeen Taeb

Electrical Engineering
California Institute of Technology
CA 91125
Office: 330 Annenberg
Email: a t a e b (at) caltech (dot) edu

About Me

I am a third year PhD student in the Electrical Engineering option at Caltech, where I am advised by Venkat Chandrasekaran.. I have been fortunate to spend time as a summer intern at Jet Propulsion Laboratory with Michael Turmon. My research focuses on developing and analyzing optimization-based methods to solve problems in statistics and signal processing.

I received my undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from University of Colorado at Boulder. During my undergraduate studies, I worked under Shannon Hughes and Richard Baraniuk.


A. Taeb, V. Chandrasekaran Interpreting Latent Variables in Factor Models via Convex Optimization . Preprint
A. Taeb, V. Chandrasekaran Integrating Sufficient Dimension Reduction and Conditional Modeling of Responses Conditioned on Covariates; a Convex Optimization Approach . Preprint
A. Taeb, A. Maleki, C. Studer, R. Baraniuk Maximin Analysis of Message Passing Algorithms for Recovering Block Sparse Signals , Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations (SPARS), April 2013.
H. Qi, A. Taeb, and S. Hughes Visual Stylometry using background selection and wavelet-HMT-based Fisher Information distances for attribution and dating of impressionist paintings , EURASIP Signal Processing, December 2012.

You can access my Curriculum Vitae here.