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Contact Information and Leaders

Contact Information

New: in August and September 2008, the club's email alpine has been partially broken (it cannot receive email); we are fixing it, but until then, please email srbecker with any Alpine Club related inquiries. Thanks.

Note: All email addresses end with "" unless otherwise noted (they are not written out explicitly to prevent email harvesting by spammers).

  • Club listserv: alpineclub [to announce events, etc. Email is sent to everyone; we have 400 to 500 people on the list]
  • General comments/questions: alpine
  • Webpage related issues: alpine
  • Equipment related issues: alpine
  • Current president: Stephen Becker srbecker
  • Current emperor: Sean Tulin tulin
  • Recent past presidents:
    • Daniel Lieberman daniell
    • Brett Maune bmaune
  • Older past presidents:
    • Eric Wintenberger ericw
    • Paul Wiggins pwigginis