California Institute of Technology

Old Snow & Ice gallery

     Ice climbing Classes - March 1-2, 2003

The Caltech Alpine Club ice-climbing at Lee Vining

Fred Crampe, Eric Wintenberger and Javier Gonzalez at the top of

Mount Shasta, Northern California

Eric Wintenberger leading on mixed terrain at the bottom of the Checkered

Demon Couloir, High Sierra

Fred Crampe climbing some steep ice at the Horsetail Icefall, June


Dan Lieberman near the top of the Right Couloir of North Peak, High


Paul Wiggins at the top of North Peak's Right Couloir

Eric Wintenberger, Dan Lieberman and Pedro Gonzalez during an ascent

of Mount Rainier, Cascades

Pedro Gonzalez facing some deep snow on Mount Russell, High Sierra

Javier Gonzalez topping out the U-Notch Couloir, North Palisade,

High Sierra

Javier Gonzalez leading some vertical ice on the Whitney Icefall,

High Sierra