California Institute of Technology

Old Skiing Gallery


Javier Gonzalez high up in the North Couloir of Mount Dana, High Sierra

Eric Wintenberger and Javier Gonzalez enjoying the powder in the North Couloir of Mount Dana

Al Preston reaching the top of the gully leading to the top of Kearsarge Peak, High Sierra

Dave Braun and his skier-dog Clyde enjoying the powder in the Palisades area

Eric Wintenberger dropping in at the top of Hurd Peak's North Couloir, High Sierra

Al Preston taking some sweet turns at the bottom of the Baldy Bowl, Mount Baldy, Southern California

Javier Gonzalez taking a break on a ski descent of Mount Wood, High Sierra

Olivier Duchemin skinning up from Onion Valley, High Sierra

Dan Lieberman skiing some steep stuff on Hurd Peak, High Sierra

Eric Wintenberger taking some air above the desert floor on San Jacinto Peak, Southern California

A bunch of happy skiers after a sweet part on Sardine Canyon, Kearsarge Peak, High Sierra

Javier Gonzalez and Olivier Duchemin going up Mount Tom's Elderberry Canyon, High Sierra

Breaking the trail in fresh snow, High Sierra

Javier Gonzalez on Wahoo Gully, Mount Locke, High Sierra