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Bouldering on Campus

Bouldering Guide

The Caltech Alpine Club is in no way responsible for the information listed on this page and discourages climbing which Caltech Security might consider dangerous. In fact this information is meant to discourage climbing on Caltech property! Please submit other problems that you discourage people from climbing. [The information on this page was compiled October 2001, so don't expect it to be accurate. -ed]

May 2008: we have a copy of the original Climber's Guide to Caltech (3.8 MB PDF)!

A map of campus.

Name: Location: Description: Difficulty: Comment:
(1) South Face South Lot southern parking lot close to the Catalinas Look for rocks glued to the parking lot wall on the south side. I've never been up it but I hear it's 5.9-5.10 A little high ball! We don't know who put this one up but they did a pretty shitty job. The rock is so weak it tends to break under your feet. Was put up last year (i.e. 2000) around ditch day. Hmmm.... 
(2) Millikan Chimney Millikan Library The chimney on the left side of the south face of Millikan forms a natural line. I've never been up it but I hear it is 5.9-5.10 To climb the whole thing a top rope might be nice. 
(3) Steele Traverse Steele The small rocks which form Steele's facade make great crimpy holds. The traverse goes at about 5.11 Someone needs to send the vertical problem top to bottom.
(4) Omega a sculpture (I think) on central campus traverse around easy This isn't a great problem...
(5) Javier's Wall Trick Just outside the Caltech Climbing gym On the left side of the door is a ramp. Climb it! 5.10 Ohhh...  Slippy!