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This is the new, updated site. The current site you are viewing is no longer updated.

December, 2005: This website is in the process of being updated. There is no currently planned 'Introductory Series on Mountaineering', but the 2006 (not 2005) Banff Mountain Film Festival is still happening. There is a survey about what members want out of the alpine club. If you are at all interested in the alpine club (whether you are 'officially' a member or not), please take the survey. It can be found here. The club is also in dire need of a webmaster. Please contact srbecker [at]

link to in-progress survey results, last updated Mon, 12/5/05 at 7:21 PM with 29 responses (this is a cached page, links may not work).

There is interest in first-aid courses, and we are in the process of trying to have a Wilderness First Aid course. It is worth noting that Pasadena City College offers first aid classes as well. They have a standard cpr course that consists of 2 sessions beginning January 29th, 2006. The cost is $84. There is also a re-certification CPR course ($40, March 2006) as well as a general first-aid course ($84) starting January 8th, 2006.

What is the Alpine Club?

The Caltech Alpine Club is student organization--welcoming all members of the Caltech community--dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the outdoors.  We sponsor a variety of events. For example, last year we hosted a sold out showing of the Banff Film Festival and a slide show from local climbers' expedition in Bolivia. In the past this club has sponsored expeditions to the Himalayas and Patagonia. This year we are hoping to offer a wider spectrum of trips. We will be offering an Introductory Series on Mountaineering for people hoping to become involved in mountaineering, those hoping to polish their skills, or even those just interested in meeting other Caltech mountaineers. We also expect to run at least one serious expedition during the year--probably to Alaska or Canada--and a trip or two for intermediate climbers as well.

The Caltech Alpine Club and Patagonia's retail store in Old Town Pasadena

are proud to host the

Banff 2005 Mountain Film Festival

coming to the Caltech Ramo Auditorium on March 30, 2005

click here for details

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of up coming events.  Check here for dates, prices, etc. Last updated Jan. 31, 2005

Here is a list of trips we are running this year.   Under construction

Guide to Local Areas & Guide to Gear
Want to know where to go this weekend? Check out the guide to local areas link. Want to go but you need the gear? Want to know what to buy? Check out the buying gear link. Last updated Nov. 28th, 2001

Photo Gallery & Expedition History
The photo gallery is a collection of pictures contributed by our members. Everyone's pictures are welcome so please gives us any of your pictures you consider inspiring! Want to know what you have to live up to as a member? Take a look at the Club History for a list of some the expeditions in which the club has been involved. Last updated Nov. 27th, 2001.

Club Mailing ListE-mail Addresses ,  & Links
Follow the mailing list link to discover how to add (or remove) your name from the mailing list. Follow the e-mail address link for more information on how to contact the club and those who run it.

Library & Equipment
Located in the Caltech Y, the Alpine Club library contains an extensive collection of guide books, mountaineering books, and maps. The Alpine club also has a limited collection of gear that members can rent or borrow. Keep in mind that the Caltech Y will rent and lend many items as well. Library page last update Dec. 3, 1997. Equipment page last updated Oct. 24, 2001. See also the Caltech Y's rental page which includes Alpine Club gear.

Bouldering On Campus
Here is a map of campus boulder problems... Last updated Oct. 24th, 2001.

Old Web Page
Still need the old page? Here it is... Last updated Dec. 3rd, 1997
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