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Driving Directions

From Pasadena, take the 210 East for about 25 min or so until Mountain Blvd (there is another Mountain Blvd about 10 min from Pasadena; do NOT take this one). Go N. on Mountain Blvd. and take it into the mountains. Go past the ranger station and Icehouse canyon to 1/2 mile before the ski lift area. Park on the left side of the road, next to the gate at the Baldy Fire road. It is near Fall's Road at Manker Flats. There's a giant median in the road at this point; the fire road's gate is right at a gap in the median.

The Sierra Club says this: Start a the locked gate of San Antonio Falls Rd, which is approx. 300 yards past Snowcrest Lodge and 400 yards before the entrance to Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts.

Hiking Directions

Start the hike at the gated access road to Baldy Notch. Walk up the road for about a mile. About .3 miles after the first switchback (it's about 10 minutes to the switchback, which is near a waterfall), look for the unmarked Ski Hut Trail and take it to the Baldy Bowl. The turnoff isn't marked, so be careful. It's on your left (uphill); about 100 yards along the trail is a metal sign-in post, which lets you know that you're on the correct path. The Trail ascends the side of a ridge to the hut, and it can take an hour (for a fast hiker in summer) to several hours (in winter). We will be camping near the hut.

From the summitpost website: Take the Mount Baldy road past Baldy Village and park at Manker Flats. There will probably be a lot of cars because you're only 20 minutes from Claremont, but don't worry the crowds thin out a bit once you get past the ski hut. On a nice winter day there will be throngs of people playing on the snow slopes near the parking lot, so make sure you park somewhere you won't get blocked in!

From Manker Flats walk a little less than a mile on the San Antonio Falls Road to the Ski Hut Trail. The trailhead is not well marked, so keep your eyes peeled for the faint trail which rises sharply to the left about 1/2 mile past San Antonio Falls. Use caution on the approach, crampons may be required in several places because the trail tends to get icy, and you will be traversing several fairly steep slopes.

Just past the Ski Hut, make your way directly up the large bowl instead of traversing the bowl to follow the trail. This route is popular with LA mountaineers and offers a very nice runout for self-arrest practice when snow piles up over the huge boulders which are obstacles in the bowl when the snow melts.

Old Maps

Sorry, but we removed these files from the server in June 2006 in order to save space. They are backed up elsewhere; email alpine if you really want them. We do have some maps that are available -- see top of the page.

More info

Angeles National Forest: 626-335-1251

Ski Hut Bring a dollar to donate if you intend to use their outhouse. $15 for overnight use.

SummitPost's Baldy Bowl route site

SummitPost's Mt. Baldy site