Mt. Baldy Trip, April 28 and 29th, 2006

Directions and maps

Information on self-arrest can be found in these scanned PDF's: lo res and hi res. Maps that roughly show where to park and how the route goes are here:

All the above links require either a Caltech/JPL IP address or the club's username/password (email alpine to get it)

Here's a trip page from our Baldy winter trip in 2002. It also has a link to a topo map.

We're taking a snow-mountaineering trip to Mt. Baldy (aka Mount San Antonio), probably via the Baldy Bowl. The Mt. Baldy website has more information. This is a joint trip with students from the Claremont Colleges; see On The Loose for information about their outdoor club.

The purpose of the trip will be to practice snow travel; there should be steep snow slopes up to 45 degrees for us to practice crampon and ice axe technique on. Ropes will not be necessary. If time permits, we plan to practice building snow anchors (e.g. bollards, deadman, stakes) and belaying (I'll bring a small rope for this), as well as avalanche beacon practice.

The trip will be divided into two groups: one group will leave Friday night and will camp on the trail Friday, either in snow caves, tents or the ski hut. The second group will leave from campus very early Saturday morning and will climb the route in one day, hopefully meeting up with the first group.

Individuals will be responsible for their own food. We will arrange rides via email. Please email srbecker if you are coming and let me know if you can drive (as well as which group you'd like to be in, and if you have any problems getting the necessary gear).

Major items of gear required for this trip are crampons and ice axe. Snowshoes will probably not be needed at this time of year. Other important items are stiff, waterproofed boots (e.g. all leather, not the lightweight part nylon kind if you can avoid it), gaiters and helmet (bike helmet will do in a pinch). In addition, I have a recommended gear list below. Not all items are necessary -- use the list as a guideline.