Work Experiences:


Polymer NanoComposites Group, Texas A&M

Position: Research Assistant
Advisor: Jaime C. Grunlan, PhD
Co-Advisor: Amanda Cain

  • Studied layer-by-layer assembly of nanostructured thin films for flame retardant applications
  • Constructed an automated layer-by-layer dip coater from scratch under $10,000 in 5 months
  • Evaluated thermal stability of intumescent coatings according to ASTM standard methods and flammability tests
  • Using layer-by-layer assembly of thin films to coat fabric and foams for antiflammable behavior
  • Manuscript in progress
  • Solidworks CAD Drawings of the Dip Coater
  • coming soon

Dip Coater

Members of the PNC Group with the Dip Coater

(left to right): Arturo Mateos, Amanda Cain, Prof. Jaime Grunlan, Dr. Morgan Priolo, and David Hagen


Computational Solid Mechanics Group, Caltech

MURF Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Position: Research Assistant
Advisor: Michael Ortiz, PhD
Co-Advisor: Malena I. Espa
ñol, PhD

  • Presented a multivariate piecewise-linear interpolation approach to study the material response of deforming solids
  • Defined an approximate variational formulation of nonlinear elasticity by means of piecewise-linear interpolation
  • Implementing piecewise-linear and simplicial subdivision methods in MATLAB
  • Numerical examples demonstrate the performance of this approach in nonlinear solid mechanics problems
  • Project funded by Caltech's Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP)

Dip Coater

2D Piecewise-linear analysis: solution curve starts at red dot and converges to the blue dot
in a piecewise-linear fashion (very simple explanation)


Corrosion and Materials Group, The Dow Chemical Co.

Position: Corrosion and Materials Engineer
Advisor: Keith F. Briegel

  • Reviewed corrosion rates and predicted an accurate end of life for operating equipment
  • Performed multiple failure analyses using metallurgical mounts, digital microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy on corrosion and metallurgic related failures
  • Set up new electrochemical corrosion, electropolishing, and electroetching lab equipment
  • Collaborated in plant tours for interns from other Dow chemical plants

Dow Group

The Corrosion Group and me

(left to right): Keith Briegel, Arturo Mateos, Yingzi Chen, and John Benton


Computational Mechanics and Materials Group, Cornell University

Cornell Center for Materials Research: Research Experience for Undergraduates (CCMR REU)

Position: Research Assistant
Advisor: Derek H. Warner, PhD
Co-Advisor: Chandra Veer Singh, PhD

  • Performed atomistic simulations of dislocation-precipitate interactions in Al-Cu alloys to predict a resultant
    increase in alloy strength
  • Studied the mechanisms and critical shear stress values required for a screw dislocation to overcome
    Guinier-Preston (GP) zones
  • Designed materials by atomistic modeling using angular dependent EAM potentials
  • Published results in Scripta Materialia (Publication)


View of a 4.4 nm GP zone on (100) plane during the initial, intermediate, and final stage of Orowan Looping


Space Debris and its Effect on Spacecrafts, IB Extended Essay

The Awty International School of Houston, Texas

Advisor: Mr. Robert Sload

  • 22-page report on the selection process, design, and characteristics of the materials used to protect space vehicles from orbital debris
  • 4,000-word research paper required by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme (High School Diploma)
  • Decorated with the Academic Paper Award presented by the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHS); one of 25 awards out of 1500+ entries.
  • This paper makes me realize that I have been thinking about materials since high school; I guess I do like it!
  • Here is my Extended Essay.


Relative threats of space debris to different parts of the Orbiter for a mission as a whole

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