Amnesty International Group 22 Pasadena/Caltech News
Volume XV Number 7, July 2008

Thursday, July 24, 7:30 PM. Monthly 
Meeting Caltech Y is located off San Pasqual 
between Hill and Holliston, south side. You will 
see two curving walls forming a gate to a path-
- our building is just beyond. Help us plan 
future actions on Sudan, the 'War on Terror', 
death penalty and more.
Tuesday, August 12, 7:30 PM. Letter writing 
meeting at Caltech Athenaeum, corner of Hill 
and California in Pasadena. This informal 
gathering is a great way for newcomers to get 
acquainted with Amnesty! 
Sunday, August 17, 6:30 PM. Rights Readers 
Human Rights Book Discussion Group. Vroman's 
Book Bookstore, 695 E. Colorado Blvd., 
Pasadena.  This month we read "The 
Redbreast" by Jo Nesbo.

Hi everyone,
I'm writing this as I await the arrival of a 
repairman - let's see how much I can accomplish 
before he arrives!
The 4th of July has passed and I hope everyone 
enjoyed their activities - whether watching 
fireworks, visiting with family and friends, and 
picnicking. It's a time to remind ourselves of the 
precious freedoms we have here in the US such 
as voting. People in other countries are still 
struggling to obtain these rights and Amnesty is 
a vital part of this effort. Everyone should give 
themselves a pat on the back for trying (even in 
some small way) to help.  (See insert in 
newsletter re Chevron shareholders meeting!)
Speaking of voting, I wanted to learn more about 
the man who will more than likely be our next 
President - Barack Obama. (I am not endorsing 
any particular candidate!) I just finished reading 
his book "Dreams from my Father" and enjoyed 
it very much. I recommend it to those who 
haven't read it already.  I am one third of the 
way through his second book, The Audacity of 
Hope, which is also interesting.
This summer we are preparing for the AIUSA 
Western Regional Conference which will be in 
Pasadena November 7-9, 2008 at the Hilton 
hotel.  See this link for more info:
n2=48&n3=788.  We don't know the conference 
theme yet; keep checking the website and this 
newsletter for more info as the time approaches! 
We will have a table and plan to sell various 
items to raise money for our group.  Veronica 
and Paula have some great ideas for craft 
projects  candles, and jewelry, for example. 
There will be a workshop in late July to prepare 
the crafts - come to one of our meetings or send 
an email to us at to obtain 
the time and location. 
Remember that our August book selection, "The 
Redbreast", by Jo Nesbo, is not available in 
paperback in the US.  For this reason we have not 
asked Vromans to order it for us.  It may be 
available at local libraries and is definitely 
available at and other online 
booksellers at a discounted rate.  It is a mystery 
novel and the author is highly rated - should be 
great fun!
Con carino,


UA 198/08 Abduction/Torture 
ZIMBABWE 11 youths
At least a dozen armed men, believed to be 
linked to the ruling Zimbabwe Africa National 
Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party, 
attacked a camp for internally displaced persons 
(IDPs) at 1am on 7 July, and abducted the 11 
youths from the camp who were keeping watch. 
The youths are now at risk of being tortured or 
The men who attacked the camp, at Ruwa 
Training Centre, some 25 km east of the capital, 
Harare, were in military fatigues and masked. 
Some of them went into a building and attacked 
the men who were sleeping in one room, accusing 
them of supporting the opposition Movement for 
Democratic Change (MDC). Others went into 
another room and attacked the women who were 
sleeping there. At least five women and three 
men were injured so badly that they needed to be 
kept in the center's clinic for treatment.
The IDP camp houses around 400 people forced 
to flee their homes by the violence that has 
followed the general elections of 29 March, in 
which ZANU-PF lost control of parliament for 
the fist time since the country's independence in 
1980. Sources in the camp have told Amnesty 
International that the 11 youths have not been 
seen since the attack. MDC supporters abducted 
by similar gangs have been tortured or killed.
Following the attack, a senior police officer 
identified only as the "DISPOL" (District Police 
Commanding Officer) for Harare district came to 
investigate the incident at about 3.30am. 
According to an eyewitness, he spoke only to the 
injured people at the clinic, not the eyewitnesses.
The people at the IDP camp had complained 
about the inadequate security at the camp. On 
29 June men believed to be members of 
Zimbabwe's secret service, the Central 
Intelligence Organization (CIO), came to the area 
and demanded to speak to the IDPs' leaders. 
About three days later some people believed to 
be from the police Criminal Investigations 
Department (CID) came and made a video 
recording of the people in the camp. Outsiders 
can easily get into the camp without proper 
security checks, including suspected "war 
veterans" from
surrounding areas known to have attacked real 
or perceived supporters of the MDC. On the day 
of the attack there was only one police officer on 
duty providing security for the camp.
The IDP camp has now been surrounded by riot 
police, after a CID officer was disarmed by IDPs 
when he went into the camp and started 
searching in one of the rooms on 8 July. An 
eyewitness told Amnesty International that the 
officer had tried to fire a gun when he was 

Since the 29 March elections, which gave the 
MDC control of parliament for the first time since 
Zimbabwe's independence from Britain in 1980, 
Amnesty International has documented unlawful 
killings, torture and other illtreatment, including 
beatings, as well as harassment and intimidation, 
mainly of MDC supporters and human rights
defenders. The bulk of the human rights 
violations have been perpetrated by supporters 
of the ruling ZANU-PF party and some members 
of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War 
Veterans Association (generally known as "war 
veterans"). The police and other state security 
organizations have been unwilling to act against 
the groups of perpetrators  allowing them to 
kill, torture, assault and burn homes and 
businesses of suspected MDC supporters with 
impunity. In fact, in some cases the authorities 
have instigated or even directed attacks by these 
groups. Eyewitnesses have told Amnesty 
International that police officers appear to be 
reluctant to arrest "war veterans" and ZANU-PF 
supporters who are perpetrating human rights 
abuses. However, police have been quick to 
investigate human rights abuses allegedly 
committed by MDC supporters, creating an 
impression of partisan policing. Police have 
further violated the rights of those in custody, 
denying them access to lawyers, food and 
medical care.  The 400 IDPs at the camp had 
first sought refuge at the South African embassy 
in Harare, and were moved to Ruwa Training 
Centre on 27 June with support from Zimbabwe 
Red Cross Society and the UN. The government 
undertook to provide adequate security through 
the Department of Social Services.  About 80% of 
the IDPs at Ruwa Training Centre had their 
homes burnt down during the political violence 
that started after the general elections on 29 
March. Most of these attacks were led by "war 
veterans," some soldiers and other ZANU-PF 
supporters. The victims fled their homes in 
Mashonaland East, Mashonaland Central, 
Mashonaland West and Midlands Provinces. At 
least 90 people have been killed since 29 March 
elections, most of them MDC supporters.

appeals to arrive as quickly as possible:
- expressing concern that armed men were able to 
attack a camp for internally displaced persons at 
the Ruwa Training Centre on 7 July, and abduct 
11 youths;
- expressing concern that MDC supporters are 
coming under violent attack by suspected state 
security agents, "war veterans" and other 
ZANU-PF supporters;
- urging the authorities to provide adequate 
security for the internally displaced persons;
- calling on the police to investigate the 7 July 
attack and bring those responsible to justice.

The Director Department of Social Services
Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Social 
Private Bag 7707 
Fax: 011 263 4 791974
Salutation: Dear Director

The Officer Commanding Harare Province
Zimbabwe Republic Police
Harare Provincial Headquarters
PO Box CY 154
Fax: 011 263 4 754176
011 263 4 753 501
Salutation: Dear Officer Commanding

Ambassador Dr. Machivenyika T. Mapuranga
Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe
1608 New Hampshire Ave. NW
Washington DC 20009
Fax: 1 202 483 9326
Via website: http://www.zimbabweembassy.

Check with the AIUSA Urgent Action office if 
sending appeals after 19 August 2008

Human Rights Book Discussion Group
Keep up with Rights Readers at
Next Rights Readers meeting:
Sunday, August 17, 6:30 PM
Vroman's Bookstore
695 E. Colorado Boulevard
 in Pasadena

"The Redbreast"
By Jo Nesbo

Publisher's Comments:
From one of the most celebrated crime writers in 
Europe comes an epic new novel, brilliant in 
scope and design, a deep and fearless 
investigation of betrayal spanning two centuries 
and three continents. 
Police Detective Harry Hole has made a terrible 
mistake. An embarrassment in the line of duty 
has pulled him off his usual beat. Reassigned to 
mundane surveillance tasks, he reluctantly agrees 
to monitor neo-Nazi activities in Oslo. But as 
Hole is drawn into an underground world of 
illegal gun trafficking, brutal beatings, and 
sexual extortions, he soon learns that he must act 
fast to prevent an international conspiracy from 
Trapped in the crosshairs of the man with all the 
answers, Harry Hole plunges headlong into a 
mystery with roots deep in the past. His 
investigation takes him back to Norway's darkest 
hour, when members of the young nation's 
government collaborated with leaders of Nazi 
Germany. Dredging up a painful history of 
denial, Hole turns his attention to the Norwegian 
troops who fought for Adolf Hitler on the 
Eastern front. Branded by their countrymen as 
traitors, the soldiers who survived the brutal 
Russian winter - the hunger, fear, cold, grenades, 
and snipers - returned home as scapegoats of a 
nation's atonement. Sixty years later, old grudges 
and betrayals appear to have been laid to rest, 
until Hole realizes that someone has begun to 
pick off the surviving soldiers one by one. 
With only his troubled, guilt-ridden conscience as 
a guide, Hole must move quickly through the 
traps and mirrors of a twisted criminal mind. 
But as his sanity slips in a slow burn of anger 
and alcohol, his mistakes continue to pile up. 
And if he fails to quicken the pace, Norway's 
darkest hour since World War II just might lie in 
the future. 
In a tightly woven plot that takes readers from 
the icy steppes of the Russian front to a 
seemingly peaceful springtime in modern-day 
Oslo, Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo delves 
into a sinister national history with uncommon 
bravery. Transforming shades of moral gray into 
an explosive palette of characters, Nesbo holds 
readers in suspense until the final pages. His deft 
orchestration of parallel narratives knows no 
match in the genre, and his thematic reach 
exceeds even the most ambitious thrillers on the 
market. With the U.S. publication of The 
Redbreast, American readers will learn what 
European readers have known for a decade - that 
Nesbo's writing is "quite simply brilliant" 
(Weekend-Avisen, Denmark). 

Author Biography
Jo Nesbo is a musician, songwriter, economist, 
and one of Europe's most critically acclaimed 
and successful crime writers today. His first 
novel featuring Police Detective Harry Hole was 
an instant hit in Norway, winning the Glass Key 
Award for Best Nordic Crime Novel, the most 
prestigious crime-writing award in Northern 
Europe. In 2004, The Redbreast was voted the 
"Best Norwegian Crime Novel Ever Written" by 
members of Norwegian book clubs. Nesbo lives 
in Oslo.

I am in NY now. I wrote down my first day 
experience and the background to share with you. 
Since May 17, 2008, Falun Gong practitioners in 
Flushing, New York have been the victims of a 
series of hate-based organized attacks by angry 
groups of pro-communist Chinese. These attacks 
have injured several practitioners, including one 
70-year-old gentleman and a woman whose two 
sons are both serving in the U.S. military, 
stationed in Iraq. NYPD arrested at least 12 
thugs who physically attacked practitioners. On 
certain occasions, practitioners have been 
surrounded by several hundred near-rioting 
Chinese who directed discriminatory hate speech 
towards Falun Gong and threatened to kill the 
practitioners because of their spiritual beliefs.
This case has been reported by, among other 
news sources, the New York Times:
The Falun Dafa Information Center has obtained 
a copy of a recorded phone conversation with 
New York City's Chinese Consul General, Mr. 
Peng Keyu, in which he confirmed his role as the 
inciter of these hate crimes in New York. To put 
this in context; Consul General Peng has 
admitted to organizing physical assaults on 
American citizens and legal immigrants, in an 
American city, for the purpose of restricting their 
freedoms of speech and of belief.
It is well-documented that for decades, the 
Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has worked to 
solidify and expand their political influence in 
other nations through local Chinese communities. 
At this point, a huge network of political and 
business alliances, student organizations, social 
clubs, and administrative divisions under the 
control of the regime has been established in the 
United States. This network can be effectively 
utilized by the Chinese regime to interfere with 
American society, persecute American citizens, 
and bypass American law. CCP have financially 
controlled many local Chinese media, which 
promote the propaganda of CCP and played an 
important role to shape people's view (including 
their view towards Falun Gong). CCP also 
financially sponsored many Chinese 
organizations to gain their support.
The response of Falun Gong practitioners 
towards these attacks is to continue their 
peaceful demostration in New York, hoping that 
their peaceful attitude and the literature they 
provided will gradually change people's 
prejudice and hatred. 

Wen Chen's New York trip:
I arrived Flushing on Sat. morning and joined the 
local activities. My volunteer work is to distribute 
the Chinese Epoch Times newspaper, which is a 
free newspaper ran by Falun Gong practitioners. 
The Chinese Epoch Times is a regular newspaper 
with daily news about China and the world, 
focusing on human rights, politics as well as 
traditional Chinese culture. It has intensively 
reported the Flushing incidents and the 
persecution towards Falun Gong in China.
There are also volunteers collecting signatures to 
stop persecution in China, or hold banners with 
messages regarding Falun Gong and the human 
rights problems in China. In some weekends, we 
have parades, rallies, group exercises or 
performances to help educate local people about 
what is Falun Gong and that we are a peaceful 
group under persecution.
Local Chinese people have become much better 
than before, after our continuous work in the 
past two months. Many people realized that 
Falun Gong is not as bad as they thought, at 
least that we are always very peaceful and polite. 
Physical attacks rarely happen now, especially 
after NYPD arrested 12 thugs in the past one 
month, and their photos were exposed on media.
However, verbal abuses can still be heard 
everyday, and the pressure of prejudice from 
local Chinese are still huge. While I handed out 
the newspaper, it was much more difficult than 
in Los Angeles (probably 20 time harder since 
most of people do not accept the newspaper, but 
almost everyone of them carried a copy of 
another newspaper that is controlled by the 
Communisit Party and defame Falun Gong.)
A couple of incidents I experienced during the 
first day:  1. In the early morning, a middle aged 
man passed by me and cursed me: "A young 
person like you also do this (shameless thing)!" I 
did not get chance to reply. I felt sad but did not 
get chance to respond to him. I also heard quite a 
few other people saying similar words in a low 
voice, although they did not look as offensive or 
disgusted.  2. At noon time, a woman passed by 
me and said:"You betrayed China! You are XXX 
(which means someone who sold the country to 
enemies)!" I smiled, although she did not see my 
Wen Chen, Ph.D.


Last month, AI Gp 22 member Paula Tavrow 
had a conversation with Morgan Simon, Co-
Founder and Executive Director of the 
Responsible Endowment Coalition (REC).  REC is 
a diverse network of students, alumni and 
faculty from across the country dedicated to 
advancing socially and environmentally 
responsible investment in college and university 
endowments.  As one of their strategies, REC 
encourages shareholders to introduce socially-
conscious proxy items for shareholder ballots.  
Then it encourages universities to set up 
committees and make decisions about how to 
vote on proxy measures.  (Universities often hold 
major shares in corporations, but rarely vote on 
proxy measures, which REC is trying to change.)
 Morgan occasionally attends shareholder 
meetings where proxy ballots are discussed.  She 
told Paula that she had attended the most recent 
shareholder meeting at Chevron, in late May 
2008.  Chevron has been cited for failing to clean 
up a serious toxic spill in the Ecuadoran 
Amazon.  They also appear to have assisted the 
Nigerian government to attack environmental 
protesters in Nigeria.
 For several years, our AI group has collected 
signatures on letters and petitions to urge 
Chevron to take responsibility for the 
environmental damage in Ecuador.  According to 
Morgan, the meeting at Chevron, which lasted for 
about 70 minutes, focused exclusively on 
Chevron's environmental damage and its 
irresponsible behavior.  Eyewitnesses from 
Ecuador and Nigeria were flown to the meeting 
to discuss what they had experienced.  
Shareholders pointedly asked Chevron executives 
what they planned to do.  While the executives 
refused to give comments, they did have to listen 
to the ire and concern of the eyewitnesses and 
shareholders.  According to Morgan, an AI 
representative was also there, with petitions and 
letters from AI members.  
 Morgan felt that it was a successful meeting 
because the executives were a captive audience.  
They were reminded that, if they did not do 
anything, this issue would hound them year after 
 It was nice to hear that our AI group 
contributed in a small way to this productive 

Paula Tavrow, Ph.D


Subject: More Action Needed - 30-day Stay of 
Execution Granted for Kevin Black in 
Oklahoma (second update to UA 187/08)     
   Note: Please write on behalf of these persons 
even though you may not have received the 
original UA when issued on June 27, 2008. 

16 July 2008           Further information on UA 
187/08 (27 June 2008) and update (10 July 2008) 
Death penalty        USA (Oklahoma) 
Kevin Young (m), black, aged 42         

 On 15 July, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry 
granted a 30-day stay of execution to Kevin 
Young in order to review the clemency 
recommendation made by the state Pardon and 
Parole Board on 8 July. Kevin Young was 
scheduled for execution on 22 July. His new 
execution date is 21 August.
 In a statement announcing his decision to 
issue a stay, Governor Henry said: "This is a life 
and death matter, and a deliberative review 
process cannot be completed by the scheduled 
execution date. I take all clemency 
recommendations very seriously and will do my 
best to render a fair and just decision." 
 The Governor can accept or reject the 
Board's recommendation for clemency. The 
statement issued by his office on 15 July 
emphasized that Governor Henry "has approved 
only one clemency recommendation since taking 
office in 2003."

appeals to arrive as quickly as possible:
 - expressing sympathy for any family of 
Joseph Sutton, and explaining that you are not 
seeking to excuse the manner of his death or to 
downplay the suffering caused;
 - welcoming the decision of the state 
Pardon and Parole Board to recommend 
clemency for Kevin Young, and the decision by 
the Governor to issue a stay of execution;
 - noting that the killing took place during a 
robbery that went "amiss", in the words of the 
state appeals court;
 - noting that Kevin Young is facing 
execution for a crime committed by two people, 
that no one else has been convicted, and noting 
the absence of proof about which of the two 
attackers actually 
fired the fatal shot; calling on the Governor to 
accept the Board's recommendation, and 
commute Kevin Young's death sentence.


Governor Brad Henry
State Capitol Building
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK
Fax: 1 405 521 3353
Email, via:
Salutation: Dear Governor


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