Doo Dah Parade 2008

Group 22 member Marie-Helene organized our entry in the Doo Dah Parade, which was held in Old Town Pasadena on Jan. 20, 2008. She and her talented Caltech friends addressed the serious issue of waterboarding by transforming a truck (and bathtub!) into a float named "Waterboard City, USA".

Some participants were decked out in leis and Hawaiian shirts and danced gaily alongside the truck to Beach Boys music. Others marched with Amnesty banners and anti-torture signs. A few volunteer suspects were planted among the spectators, and two of our members, wearing black suits and sunglasses and electronic earpieces and really grim expressions, would seize one of these "victims" from the crowd and escort him into the back of the truck, which had been made to resemble a jail torture cell. Here he was placed head-down on an inclined board in the bathtub and drenched with buckets of water.

Watch and listen to this special slideshow from Katrina. These videos will have you marching right along with Group 22!

The crowd was very enthusiastic, cheering and laughing, and several spectators even volunteered to be waterboarded. We handed out hundreds of Amnesty stickers and bookmarks. We all felt it was a great success. Thanks to all 25 particpants, and congratulations to Marie-Helene and the other hard workers who made this event possible. A very special thank-you to Dan, the owner of the truck, who eagerly put it to the use of a good cause.

The following photos are just a few selected from Stevi's album (9), Paul's album (47), Marie-Helene and Robert's album (31), Dan's album (8), and Joyce's album (19).

Group 22 members with Doo Dah Grand Marshal, Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping.

Torture is Un-American! Torture is not Sporting!

Waterboarding apparatus.

Volunteer victim tests the equipment.

Here we go at last.

The crowd goes wild!

Agent No. 1 scans the crowd.

Agent No. 2 walks a fine line.

The agents seize a victim from the crowd!

Glub glub! Glub glub!

Side view of truck and jail cell.

Team Doodah celebrates success!

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