Wag Your Tail for Human Rights!

Group 22 dramticizes the cruelty of Stun Belts in the 23rd Annual Doo-Dah Parade

In order to dramaticize the effects of stun weapons, the Caltech/Pasadena chapter of Amnesty International marched in the Doo-Dah parade on November 21, 1999. Dressed in paper mache masks and fuzzy tails, the activists transformed into Amnesty Group 22's alter ego, ``Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People.'' As they marched through Pasadena's Old Town, human characters shocked each other while the animals showed their amazement at the people's like of respect for ``human'' rights. The marchers were clearly clearly having a good time as they took a break from the usually sombre work of protecting human rights. At the same time they were conveying a serious message.. Abuse of stun weapons can and does occur. Accountability on the part of our agents of law enforcement and judicial must be improved. 

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Highlights of Doo-Dah 1999

Prisoner Tracy gets stunned at the whim of the guards.

Then the animals save her by trapping the evil guard.
The real cops seem to be enjoying the show.



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Martha Ter Maat, Photography

Grace Ter Maat, Mistress of Tails