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Algebraic Geometry Seminars 2009-2010


The seminar usually meets Mondays, 4:00-5:00pm in 257 Sloan. Everyone is welcome!


May 24

Max Lieblich

Moduli spaces of sheaves and an effective version of Merkurjev's theorem

May 17

Paolo Aluffi

Chern classes identities from weak coupling limits

May 10

Dragos Oprea

The moduli space of stable quotients

May 3

Reza Seyyedali

Balanced Metrics and Chow Stability of Ruled Manifolds

April 26

Aravind Asok

Connectedness in A^1-homotopy theory and birational invariants

March 15

Michael Thaddeus

Moduli of principal bundles and the wonderful compactification

Feb 8

Yu-Jong Tzeng

Universal Formulas for Counting Nodal Curves on Surfaces

Jan 20 (Sloan 159, 4-5pm)

Sam Payne

Tropical Brill-Noether theory

Jan 8 (Sloan 159, 3-5pm)

Rahul Pandharipande

Hilbert schemes of singular curves

Nov 16

Amin Gholampour

ADE McKay quivers and GW/DT/PT/NCDT correspondence II

Nov 9

Amin Gholampour

ADE McKay quivers and GW/DT/PT/NCDT correspondence I

Oct 5

Chris Lyons

The monodromy of a family of surfaces of general type

June 15

Kapil Hari Paranjape

Geometry of Abelian surfaces of type (1,5)

June 8

Roya Beheshti

The geometry of spaces of rational curves on hypersurfaces

May 18

Renzo Cavalieri

Wall crossing for double Hurwitz numbers

May 11

Hsian-Hua Tseng

 Hodge numbers, Chern numbers, and genus 1 Gromov-Witten invariants

April 20

Arend Bayer

Stability conditions on the local P^2 revisited

April 9

Harry Tamvakis

A Giambelli formula for isotropic Grassmannians

April 2

Jim Bryan

The orbifold vertex: counting curves on orbifolds by counting colored boxes

March 16

Samuel Grushevsky

Differentials with real periods and the geometry of the moduli space of curves M_g

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