Caltech Combinatorics Seminar

Unless a change is noted below, the Caltech Combinatorics Seminar takes place at 4:30pm Wednesdays in Sloan 153. All are welcome.

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For queries/corrections, contact Adam Sheffer. Here is the full list of seminars of the mathematics department.

16-17 Spring term

May 10th Jason Fulman (USC) Generating functions and enumeration in finite classical groups
May 17th
4pm Downs 103
Apoorva Khare (Stanford) The critical exponent of a graph
June 7th
Joel Moreira (Northwestern) Monochromatic configurations in finite colorings of \mathbb{N}

Past quarters:

16-17 Winter term

February 8th
5pm Sloan 151
Francis Su (Harvey Mudd) A polytopal generalization of Sperner's lemma
February 9th
11am Sloan 153
Anurag Bishnoi (Ghent University) Zeros of polynomials in a finite grid
February 22nd
5pm Sloan 151
Lenny Fukshansky (CMC) On some algebraic constructions of extremal lattices
March 8th
5pm Sloan 151
Brendon Rhoades (UCSD) Ordered set partitions, generalized coinvariant algebras, and the Delta Conjecture

Past quarters:

16-17 Fall Term

September 28th Richard Wilson (Caltech) Families of sets with restricted intersection sizes and matrices with few off-diagonal entries
October 26th Nathan Kaplan (UC Irvine) Cokernels of Random Matrices and Sandpile Groups
November 16th
Annenberg 213
Fan Chung (UCSD) A generalized Alon-Boppana bound and weak Ramanujan graphs
December 7th Abdul Basit (Rutgers) On the number of ordinary lines determined by sets in complex space

15-16 Spring Term

April 13th Omer Tamuz (Caltech) Convergence of majority dynamics
May 18th
1pm, Sloan 257
Sami Assaf (USC) Slide polynomials
May 25th Ben Lund (Rutgers) Distinct perpendicular bisectors
June 1st Mei-Chu Chang (UC Riverside) Multiplicative orders of points on varieties mod p

15-16 Winter Term

January 13th Martino Lupini (Caltech) On the Erdős sumset conjecture
January 28th
5pm, Sloan 151
John Shareshian (Wash U) Noncontractibility of order complexes of coset posets and common divisors of binomial coefficients
February 10th Frank de Zeeuw (EPFL) Cancelled
February 24th
3pm, Sloan 159
Gaurav Sinha (Caltech) Reconstruction of depth-3 circuits

15-16 Fall Term

October 21st Leonard Schulman (Caltech) Analysis of a Classical Matrix Preconditioning Algorithm
October 28th Zeev Dvir (Princeton) Sylvester-Gallai for arrangements of subspaces
November 11th Hao Shen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) (k,r)-colorings of Complete Graphs
November 25th Jed Yang (University of Minnesota) Hard tiling problems on lattices
November 30th
Monday 4pm
Sloan 151
Orit Raz (Tel Aviv University) Polynomials vanishing on Cartesian products

14-15 Spring Term

April 8th
Shachar Lovett (UCSD) Structure and Pseudo-Randomness in Coding Theory
May 13th Alejandro Morales (UCLA) The polytope of Tesler matrices
May 20th Kaave Hosseini (UCSD) On the structure of the spectrum of small sets
May 27th Mohamed Omar (Harvey Mudd) When Algebraic Geometry Meets Graph Theory

14-15 Winter Term

February 11th Joshua Zahl (MIT) Point-curve incidences in the complex plane
February 17th
Tuesday 3:15pm
Sloan 257
Igor Pak (UCLA) What are nice combinatorial sequences?